Ordinary women turned extraordinary creators- Learn how to master your makeup looks for all occasions!


"I just want to love my look..."

For years, I have served as a makeup artist to my beautiful salon clients, a few celebrity clients, and to myself in my many different hats as a singer & speaker. I have done work for major television commercials, shows things like Dr. Phil, makeup for speakers, authors, brides, singers, and the every day woman. We are talking big lights, cameras, and long wear. Everyone always says..."If I could just get this look for myself when I'm at home." "If I could get the darkness from under my eye" "If I could look awake"  Ladies I want to empower you to love your selfie picture every time. I want to show you the key diff faces every woman needs to know, and the easy system I use to travel the world and be prepared for galas, dates, business, and an everyday clean fresh face. If you know you've been wanting to master your look and feel strong, empowered, loved, free, intelligent, and ENOUGH every time you smile....this is for you.


"You are worthy. You are capable. You are beautiful. Book the ticket. Write the book. Create the dream. You are beautiful. Celebrate yourself."



Video Boss Bootcamp

6 weeks ...YOU and ME

Start your movement with a message and be SEEN

Create a system around your video marketing so that people are taking action and jumping into your products and services!!

Your videos will get people off the internet and into your email lists, text campaigns and create customers while you sleep.

This for you if you want to: 

-start using video and don’t know how

- become a livestream BOSS in your niche

- record videos from your phone with ease and flow

- be confident on camera

-be a messenger and leader online 

- become a natural each week of showing up for your audience with video

-stop chasing down clients and start attracting ideal soul mate clients

- have impact and influence in your niche

- increase your clientele

- use video to create digital classes

-if you want to solve problems and be the answer for your clients who are GOOGLING right now for help!! 

There are a certain amount of people assigned to you and need what you have to offer!!

They can’t find you if you dominate by putting out content all the time helping them and showing them why you are the ONE!!

DECIDE who you are here to serve

Package it up into your service and products 

And create a video marketing plan that constantly sends you ideal customers 

We will map out how you get clients to you

We will map out your $10k plus strategy

If you are selling physical, digital, or services

This is for you!! 

Let's create your message and movement 

Share it in a passionate way that allows you to truly speak to the hearts of your ideal clients.

These videos will allow them to enroll in your free and paid products and services. 

You will walk away with 

  • Your MOVEMENT 

  • Video tech how to

  • Marketing strategy 

  • “Monetize It” strategy

  • Weekly video practice with coaching

  • 6 weeks q&a as you dominate

  • Private Fb group

  • Get found google strategy 




1 on 1 with me and we work closer, faster, I am looking at all your videos, images, messaging, etc  Daily messaging and private coaching. 

One time investment 


2 pay option of



-Everyone gets their videos checked

-You will not be alone as you create content

-We will cover business strategy to make sure our marketing matches your overall business income goals and business vision 


Word on the Street

"Hi Lakiesha,

I wanted to take the time out to say THANK YOU! for your awesome video class. I have recently created a video and have received my first client from YouTube! And subscribers! Thank you for your experience and expertise you have shared. You have really inspired me to get myself out there and have encouraged me to be the best that I can be in the hair industry! I appreciate your passion, knowledge and patients with me. If any one hasn't signed up for your class THEY need to! Thank you so much.

Best Regards,"

"Heyyy Lakeisha,

I have been putting things into action, and they are working!!!!!

Yes, the survey is a great way to attract your clients, and KEEP THEM!  Knowing their needs and giving them exactly what they want..... something so simple as that, didn't click to me. LOL 

I'm one that over thinks things sometimes and try to iron all the creases out before hand, BUT your course is helping me see things differently, so THANK YOU!" 

"Another client off of youtube. It's so exciting growing my channel and getting clients from online. Shout out to my coach"