Unleash HER

Someone is waiting on you to be true to the calling on your life! 


They need to SEE you FEEEL you. 


The more you shine the more they RISE and shine as well… but you KNOW THIS ALREADY RIGHT?




 IF you are ready! Let's do it! 


If you fully showed up as the Queen with the super powers you possess …what would you be creating? 


Ready to refresh, realign, recommit, reinvent 360!? 


Bring out the sexy you! Make more money! And live on your terms! Ready to step up diva? 

lakeisha michelle live 

🔥oct 31st, 2020🔥

is the day!!!


I was sitting here going over the final details of the VIP Day with me here LIVE in Pittsburgh 


Sis it’s looking ....like...I can't even choose just one word🥳







✨Unleashing ....

✨Soul Stirring





So let’s chat


At the VIP day we will cover things like


🔥The stages to hitting consistent $10K months so you can identify where you are and what activities you need to focus on...which will get you out of your head and out of overwhelm ...back into creativity 


🔥The key to defining your message powerfully so you never run out of content and people love to binge whatever you publish 


🔥Speaking of publishing...YOU ARE A BROADCASTER….You need to get your message out in different ways  so the world can

 #1... be aware of you

 and #2 ….learn from you…

so let's look at what your broadcast channels and schedules are


if you don't show up they won't show up...let's map it out with flow and ease 


🔥Monetizing your message in different packages so your dream clients can play w/you and get the transformation only you can give them..


So we will create your Profitable Product/Service Map..it’s way easier than you think to be a machine for monetizing your ideas.


We will be sure you are clear on what your true profit plan is according to profit first method income and then break it down into a clear goal map out. I WISH SOMEONE HAD’VE DONE THIS WITH ME SO I COULD TRULY BE PROFITABLE FROM THE JUMP 


🔥Oh yea.. SIS!! Your online image upgrade happens IMMEDIATELY…



UPGRADING your personal image as well as your internet aesthetic is a must!!! let's talk all things video/photo image online


Don’t worry you get to be all the way you!! 


You don’t have to mimic anyone but we will get down right clear on beauty stuff that fits YOU (seeing as how I am a licensed beauty pro) 


I’ll hook you up with personalized consultations as it pertains to You


You can luxuriate right now with what you have as you also upgrade!! Because it matters! 

We are even taking images on the spot..details on that when you sign up...



🔥Designing your $10K per month daily hustle


What are your options for where you are and how can you ramp it up? We clarify that!! There is no need for you to go home hyped up and still lost on what to do next lol #igotyousis


🔥TECH MAPPING..really simple whatever is getting you stuck with tech and in the way of you selling and marketing we CRUSH IT - you can make $100K a year with no ads no list or none of that stuff. It’s cool if you have it ...but if you are getting stuck behind trying to be all the things...we are solving that issue on the spot!!! 



🔥And what would VIP with LaKeisha Michelle be without tons of music, singing, soul shifting mindset hacks, high energy, cocktails, food, and a beautiful view… all my usual shenanigans shalllll commence dahlingggg!!! 



This day will no doubt be transformational for you!! 


It will leave you in a new space 


I know how it is when you have such a powerful experience and you go back home…


Even though you have been changed...your environment may or may not be there yet, which is why I have included an 8 week high touch mastermind just for you in addition to the VIP Day!!! 


This will be very “outcome”  “track and measure”  focused. 

Weekly check ins, business daily email access for questions.

Private group so you are just focused on action oriented tasks that keep you headed towards the vision you set on the VIP Day. 



This is not a “class” 


You don’t need another class. You need to get in action and prove what you’ve known all along


Simply put...




Your playing small days are over 


It’s time queen!!! 



I am beyond excited to bring you in and work face to face with you ... as well as in the group after the event day


I will kick your butt the whole way... all in love of course lol 




The value of this is $4997


You will literally get all access to everything you see me creating online.


If you think about it...that’s what you’re even reading this for right?? 


There are ways of being...that you see in me.. The energy...the flow...the products...the images...the mindset...the videos…


something in you ….is saying you can do it to


And you’re absolutely right 


You can google and try and test...or get me to coach you along the way!! 



I am giving you all access to whatever strategy I have that makes me 6 figures a year online, location free, singing, teaching, speaking, literally designing my dream life over and over again!!! 


I am committing to create the ‘how to’ things you need…. as needed for you!!




Think about it do you desire to easily make blogs, and do video editing, websites, be a walking inspiration bomb, have people call you weekly to share your mindset, have a hot image, fun dream social media tribe, easily,create worksheets, membership sites, flash sales, podcasts, etc all in a blink??? 


Now that stuff comes with practice etc… and certainly not all at once...but how much faster would you move if you had direct access now!!!  


Let’s create your version 


I’m ready to rock with you sis but only if this feels like a F🔥 YESSSSSSSS for you 


Instead of $4997 


Your investment is $1997 and you can do a 2 pay option if needed



Also...the first pay ladies that pay in full


get unlimited 1 on 1 daily access coaching on any and every topic of choice... as well as the group 8 week follow through group for all 20 women


First come first serve🥳 


Down payment secures your spot! For the VIP day 


If you can’t make the VIP DAY nothing changes you can be online virtually!! 


It's high touch all around for all 20 ladies!! 

I can’t wait to pour into and serve you!! This will be magical  


I’m soooo on fire for what you will create 


This is for the "let's stop the excuses let's play big no matter what's going on around the world" BOSS!!


This is for the “I won’t stop until I hit my first goal of $10K a month in my business” BOSS!! 


This is for the “I’m ready to show up like never before and make the right noise online so people find and follow me” BOSS


For the BOSS who wants to unleash her divine God given power and impact more


Make more. 


Be seen, heard, and feel good about it. 


You’re ready to live life on your terms 


You’re ready to walk in the room and people notice your power and ask what do you have for them...


You are ready to find your sexy and disrupt some stufffff


It’s time to uplevel let’s stir it up and co-create with God!!! 


Let’s go sis 


10 am est Oct 31st 

Event location 





We start 10am and go all day of course


(not until midnight but certainly until dinner dahlingssss)


 If you have to leave no worries we will see you in the group and catch you up on anything you need 


The 8 weeks will revolve around mindset, sales, & marketing. The laser coaching calls will happen 2x’s a week -Whatever you can't make just speak up i will be right there to serve


I know I’ve said a mouthful but honestly


your soul is already telling you if you need this or not 


You can ask me anything that helps you decide if this is for you or not simply audio message me on instagram 



Ask me anything that helps you choose a powerful yes or powerful no! 


Love you 

LaKeisha Michelle