Ordinary women turned extraordinary creators- Learn how to master your makeup looks for all occasions!


"I just want to love my look..."

For years, I have served as a makeup artist to my beautiful salon clients, a few celebrity clients, and to myself in my many different hats as a singer & speaker. I have done work for major television commercials, shows things like Dr. Phil, makeup for speakers, authors, brides, singers, and the every day woman. We are talking big lights, cameras, and long wear. Everyone always says..."If I could just get this look for myself when I'm at home." "If I could get the darkness from under my eye" "If I could look awake"  Ladies I want to empower you to love your selfie picture every time. I want to show you the key diff faces every woman needs to know, and the easy system I use to travel the world and be prepared for galas, dates, business, and an everyday clean fresh face. If you know you've been wanting to master your look and feel strong, empowered, loved, free, intelligent, and ENOUGH every time you smile....this is for you.


"You are worthy. You are capable. You are beautiful. Book the ticket. Write the book. Create the dream. You are beautiful. Celebrate yourself."



Learn how to look good….so you can FEEL good on camera! 

Leaders - Speakers- Coaches- Creators! Powerful women who want more! And want to BE SEEN as the afore mentioned....Listen up!! 

I am here to help you bring HER out…. Who? 



That sassy, classy, fun, brilliant, powerful, ready to serve the world diva! 

That light!

 That star that you are!! 

Someone is waiting on you to be true to the calling on your life! They need to SEE you FEEEL you. 

The more you shine the more they RISE and shine as well… but you KNOW THIS ALREADY RIGHT?


 IF you are ready! Let's do it! 

We go over alllll the beauty things! 

If you know me…I got from live streams, music videos, working on TV sets, speaking on stages, date nights, and everything in between!! I get how we need to switch it up

And I get that we want to look fresh, amazing, not drag queen..LOL…

We want to wear makeup but still look like ourselves!!

Oh and ummm…

Feeling confident and sexy is mental by the way so you knowwwwww MINDSET WORK REQUIRED!! So I will be workshopping us around being







I know you are a busy diva serving the world, your family, your friends, BUT you MATTER!


You need to always serve from over flow. 

I want to show you beauty looks that will help you show up online like a BOSS! 

Quick everyday looks, Live stream event webinar looks! Night on the town looks! All age appropriate. 

I’ll cover the bags under the eye, the dark circles, the "no makeup" makeup look, contouring, highlighting, lash tips, makeup brands etc.

 I'll share my timeless fashion tips for on stage and off, as well as online. 

ANNNNNND since I did go to school for broadcasting and video recording + editing as a bonus I will show you how to create your own high quality pics and images to use for your social media and sales pages etc!

 It's time to step up. The world is waiting. 

If you are ready to learn how to look YOUR best so you can relax and deliver your message on camera!! 

This is for you

Time to bring HER (the real true radiant amazing YOU) out to play

I’m going to show you “how to” makeup, confidence, mindset videos in a template format so you can always refer back to them!!

Each week starting the week of March 24th you will do the key looks I show you

At the end of the 4 weeks show up to a virtual makeup and mimosa party with the other few select BOSS divaz as the glam new YOU 2.0 and celebrate your makeup looks 

2 q&a Live streams ASK me anything, bring your makeup looks so I can support you, etc

These are pre recorded tutorials so you can watch over and over

All yours to access on your own schedule 

Meet other super high level creative women like you and girl talk… even create together in the private FB group! 

Limited women for this round! Exciteddddd

Ready to re-invent? 

Ready to feel sexy and confident? 

This is for you Dahlinggg ! 

Prework starts March 24th

Private membership group

Private facebook group so you can share your makeup looks

Sign up!

Invest in you!

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 free access to my online class called Social Media Picture Takin' PRO value $97

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-all about taking pictures for social media and using them to share lifestyle and connect with your ideal tribe! 

-pictures that sell

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Word on the Street

"Done! I just called this morning to see how much it would cost for a makeup session (just one session) for a marketing photo shoot. This bootcamp is definitely a huge value!"

"It's a challenge. I need a new routine. Can't pull off what I did in my 30s now that I'm in my 50s. This is going to be a game changer for me. Thank you!"

"I will be able to feel good about delivering my message if I'm not worrying about how I look."