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More Clients More Sales Camp

Here’s how to make $20,000 If you sell a product or service...


You need 5,000 people to buy a $4 product

You need 2,000 people to buy a $10 product

You need 1,000 people to buy a $20 product

You need 500 people to buy a $40 product

You need 300 people to buy a $67 product

You need 200 people to buy a $100 product

You need 100 people to buy a $200 product

You need 50 people to buy a $400 product

You need 25 people to buy a $800 product

You need 5 people to buy a $4,000 product





Here’s how to make $20,000 in one month…. If you setup a monthly subscription…


Get 5,000 people to pay $4 per month, for 1 month

Get 2,000 people to pay $10 per month, for 1 month

Get 1,000 people to pay $20 per month, for 1 month

Get 500 people to pay $40 per month, for 1 month

Get 300 people to pay $67 per month, for 1 month

Get 200 people to pay $100 per month, for 1 month

Get 100 people to pay $200 per month, for 1 month

Get 50 people to pay $400 per month, for 1 month

Get 25 people to pay $800 per month, for 1 month

Get 5 people to pay $4,000 per month, for 1 month






You can give a valuable talk for free online or offline and close 80 people every month for a min of $249! (What I just did last week)


You guys..... I literally teach you what I do ….


I don't hide it 


Im not better than you 


Im here for you 


I don't have a huge list


I don't have confusion-soft 


It's me and God


The more I tune in to HIS ability I get out my way


I am not perfect 


I am un organized 


I am cleaning up my messes as we speak 


I get tired 


I get off kilter 


I don't feel like it a LOT of the time




Perfectly imperfect…imperfect yet consistent…. is the key 


Show up!! Step up! 


Inspire yourselves




This week is small business week 


You can use this week to reintroduce yourself to your market. 


Show them how you help them 


Let them know the results you get them


Let them know how you solve their problem


Ask them to go further with you faster and do business with YOU


YOU are worthy to receive 


Your work is of high service and high compensation


You don’t have to wait until you’re perfect to do your soul work


I am living proof!


Sitting on the gifts and talents you have not serving to the best of your ability is like the man who hid his talents in that story in the bible...


I'm guilty of retreating and getting in my head over thinking….but this is a great moment to JUMPSTART yourself and your business


I am teaching for free today at 12pm cst and 1pm est on my Facebook and YouTube (just type in LaKeisha Michelle) and meet me there 





I want to take a group of people through a sales camp! 


If you need a boost … New fresh energy…a kick in the BUTT to get in action…coaching from me in a group setting with like minded people….


If you need more clients…


If you’re waiting to speak up and it’s hurting your pockets…and it’s time to GO


You know you need to be seen…


AND you want to put your energy towards GROWTH in your business 




YOU will focus on 


-getting more clients

-increasing your income

-increasing our brand awareness


Time to be RADICAL


I will do a live sales increase class each week where you will have my eyes looking at your sales and strategy. If you can’t make it you will get the replay and you can of course send in questions for me to answer during the week!! 


Each week we will be setting our goals and checking in and holding each other accountable 


If you are really busy w no sales…make space and join us so you can focus on the lifeline of your business


This is going to be fun raw and real


I want to share how I sell and then you GO DO IT 


Sales keep your business alive 


Sales keep your kids cozy 


Sales allow you to get coaches and mentors 


Sales allow you to design life on your terms 


Sales allow you to serve your audience from a full cup ….bc there is overflow


Sales allows you to take more time off when needed so you can BE 


A small business needs to FOCUS on it 


…but each week people email me scared to ask for MONEY for their services!!!


Which totally keeps lack and fear as the soundtrack for your journey!!! YIKESSSS 


It’s time for that to STOP 


This camp has limited seating 


 Don’t be a slow poke to join it is literally $24.25 a week!! 


Make it happen


$97 total for access to my MORE CLIENTS MORE MONEY 30 day sales camp!! 


Pre work drops this coming FRIDAY!!! 




You will get access to The Money Chronicles class as well if you don’t already have it. 



OMGGGGEEE this class was transformational 


I take you on a journey so you can learn what is holding you back in the money category of your life


I took this work first and continue to do so as I have new money goals…the same stuff will try and show up and keep you stuck 


Use these lessons to get to the core of what is causing you to not increase as you should


Once you discover this you can break through and begin to rewire your habits!! It’s definitely a marathon and this course will kick you off in a powerful way.


It’s perfect with the More Clients More Money camp because your MIND is key to this ALL


One of my fav thing to do is get you paid!!! 


Join me


We start first session on Monday at 1pm cst!!! 


Doors close to join on Saturday at 3pm cst !!


I love you and I definitely pray increase in every area of your life