• LaKeisha Michelle

You don’t need approval!!!

You don’t need approval 🏾🏾🏾

Your second guessing is keeping you bound

Trust yourself 🏾

Acknowledge yourself when you’re overthinking and then release it..🏾

Then get into action🏽‍♀️🏽‍♀️🏽‍♀️

The truth is there is no perfect way

there is only the truth

Your truth that convicts you enough to share it with others boldly and continuously with your conversations

You know how to do this

You are a human that lives by your truth and you’ve been compelled to share it with others

So keep it simple just be yourself and share in the way that it is naturally coming to you

Use formulas where necessary

practice but make it your own

Speak from your heart

understand why things work so that you can be strategic... because that is wise

But trust yourself to know that even when you get it wrong is right for that moment ....and that you get to continually upgrade every 🏾single 🏾time🏾

You can do this

Keep it simple

What coming to you to do is right

Do it



LaKeisha Michelle



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