• LaKeisha Michelle

There is a book on your shelf that already has the answer...

There is a book on your shelf that already has been trying to answer questions you have!

This is true in life on so many levels…

The struggle you have is because you put the book down when it blew your mind.

You put the book down when it required you to actually DO what it says to get the result you want.

Oh and

You wanted it faster


You realized maybe you don't even want it ....

So now you don't know ...

So you feel stuck ...

But guess DO know...

The book turned you on to how much power you really have…. and THAT scared you….

“How can I be called to do this???” You ask.

God often calls those who have flaws…who aren’t ideal

The ones who immediately say "oh im not qualified" ….

I love Gods sense of humor

Even I still feel unworthy of having certain conversations

And yet the pull on my heart says “SPEAK ON IT“

So here I am.

Here is what I know…

You just haven't decided that the only option is ALL IN





Late nights

Early mornings


When you AND I decide that -

We will have finally taken the limits off God

Releasing HIS favor

HIS power

HIS flow

HIS word

IT’S ON YOU my love

Not God

He is able and will do what HE said

through you or the next person willing and surrendered

I hear God saying…

Do you Trust in ME???….or the stability of your temporary comfort?....

You’ve got some decisions to make darling

I love you


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